What is included in a home inspection? You should always ask this before hiring a home inspector, as different home inspectors include different things. Also, their level of thoroughness differs from one inspector to the next as well.

So what is included on one of OUR inspections? We are very proud that we are one of the most thorough home inspectors in the greater Scranton area, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most other home inspectors.

We include all of the major systems of your home, as well as the “nooks and crannies”. We view your home as an entire system, and not just a sum of its parts. That is why we take a macro view, then a micro view of your home.

We generally start on the exterior, where we get many clues as to what may be an issue in the interior. On the exterior, we examine the roof, overall structure, decks, porches, patios, garage(s), driveway, walkways, siding, and so much more.

On the interior, we spend a lot of time on all your major system (electrical, HVAC, and plumbing). We Thoroughly check the structure, which includes the foundation, framing, beams, posts, bearing walls, and more. Because of this, we spend a great deal of our time in your attic, basement, and crawlspaces – because that is where the issues usually are hiding.

We also thoroughly inspect all the living spaces. We check outlets, windows, doors, floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, and more.

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