When shopping for lumber to use in a project in your home, you’re probably intrigued by the large variations in prices that you will find. While some of it can be explained by the quality of the lumber, the treatment it has received, and the type of tree it comes from, another thing to take into account is whether or not it is green lumber.

If you are not familiar with the term “green lumber” it refers to lumber that hasn’t been kiln dried leaving it with a much higher moisture content than other lumber. Skipping that drying process saves a considerable amount of time and money, but it also leads to lumber that can have some major issues.

Green lumber can start to crack and bend when it dries. More seriously, it can cause mold issues and similar problems. While the climate where the lumber is used can have a major impact on whether or not it has these issues, you should be well informed before you decide on using green lumber for your home project.

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