Did you know that your plumbing is affected by the seasons? You might be aware of the dangers that freezing temperatures pose for your pipes, but what about the summertime? What problems might you be facing then?

One factor to take into consideration is the changed habits that we adopt in the summer. If there are children in your family, you might have them home more when they are out of school. This will mean increased water usage, something that will put more stress on your septic system and water heater.

Many will also use sprinklers or hoses to water their lawn. You should make sure to check your sprinkler system so it doesn’t leak and cause water damage in your home. Even if the leak isn’t in a location where it will cause damage, the constant running water could cost you if you pay for your water.

If you are planning to leave the home for a longer period of time, you should turn down your water heater so as to not waste the energy heating the water while you’re gone.

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