What’s creepier than a dingy basement? A musty attic. And yet, we all use them if we have them. Accessing them can be very convenient if we have a pull-down ladder. But make sure that pull-down ladder is still up to the job.

Often, these are installed by previous home owners rather than pros so it’s not uncommon to find installation issues. Common issues might be as simple as using the wrong fastening hardware such as drywall or deck screws or not using enough nails or screws. This can result in the ladder’s housing becoming loose or dislodge.

Issues with the ladder length. If cut too short, it may not reach the floor. These ladders are design to have the floor support the weight. If the ladder is cut too long, too much pressure can be put on the hinges, which can make them snap or break.

Although not a safety issue, if not properly insulated or weather stripped these create an opening to an unconditioned space. The flow of air can get real expensive when trying to heat or cool your home.

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