Are you prepared for an emergency? That might be a pretty wide term, but there are many different natural and man-made disasters that could threaten your family and your home. Preparing well could minimize the risk that you or anyone you love is hurt, and it could also protect your property.

Naturally, your first concern when you receive a warning of impending disaster should be the safety of your family, but if you are certain that you can get away safely if necessary, you could do a few things to make sure your home is safe as well.

Before leaving your home you should turn off the power, water and gas to the entire house. This will make it less likely for a catastrophic event to happen. You can also protect your windows if there are heavy winds expected by putting up a barrier over them. While doing so could damage your window frame, having broken glass inside your home with the added damage from water and debris blowing in is going to be much more work to fix.

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