Although we will feel concerned when there is lead in our home, we have options and there are steps we can take order to reduce the effects of lead. There will be things we can do ourselves, but there are also times when a professional will need to be called.

Things we can do ourselves:

Its worthy of note that the steps we can take may appear like obvious things, but we may not always be aware of how essential they are in the protection of our family from the harmful effects of lead.

Cleaning frequently will help to reduce a child’s exposure to lead. If you see paint chips, clean them up immediately. Use all warm water, all purpose cleaner or now you can purchase cleaner designed for lead paint. Wipe down all surfaces like window sills, window frames as well as floors.

Give all items you have used for cleaning a thorough cleaning after using. Things like mops and sponges.

Don’t wear your shoes in the house. As we discussed before, the soil around the home might contain lead so we don’t want to bring that in.

Did you know? When a child has a healthy diet rich in calcium and iron it helps them absorb less lead. . Making sure your child washes their hands before eating is something most parents do, but its also essential to make sure your child has washed hands before bed as well.

There are certain interim measures that can be taken to help reduce exposure to lead. Why not grass over any areas of soil that have lead in them? You can perform some repairs to damaged, painted surfaces. Its worthy of note though, that steps like these are not a permanent solution.

When you need a professional:

Consult a professional lead removal specialist when the time comes to permanently remove the lead from your home. Its important that they are a certified lead abatement specialist. This is because they are especially trained to safely remove the lead and the ensuing clean up. If you try to do it yourself, you could find that you have more problems. If you have a question, please make sure to contact us.

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