With all the threats of bad weather we’ve been experiencing lately, its good to think about ways we can avoid, at least to a certain extent, water from entering our basements.

Water damage and moisture is a big issue with basements and no doubt if you have one, you’ve thought about whether water is getting in your basement or not. One of the best ways to prevent water damage in basements is to redirect the water around the foundation of the house so water doesn’t seep down to the basement.

In order to reroute water entering down below your foundation into the basement, you need to start by checking your roof line. Mainly, checking your gutters. Installing, maintaining and regularly cleaning your gutters would help with potential pooling along the foundation line when it rains, or when snow is melting. Also, ensure that the gutters are directing the water far enough away from the house, at least 10 feet away, so you know it’s not getting near you basement.

Another factor to consider when trying to avoid water entry in your basement is the finish grade. Make sure the grade is sloping away from the building at least 10 to 15 feet.

Yes, by starting with the gutters and looking at the finish grade of your property you can start to see some indications as to whether water entry in your basement is a danger or not.

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