Do you use your tub for anything besides showers? Some do. Parents might give their children baths in the tub, and some enjoy soaking in their own tub, even though most don’t have much depth. If your tub stopper doesn’t work properly, however, your tub will drain out all the water through the malfunctioning tub stopper.

What might be wrong with a tub stopper that causes this type of problem?

Sometimes the chain that connects the plunger with the lever has broken, causing the plunger to drop down and get stuck. This might completely cut off water flow or severely limit it. The plunger might also get stuck somewhere inside of the chute and not allow you to close the drain. To fix this issue you will need to remove the lever and the hardware that is blocking the chute at the top. If you have a tool that will let you hook the plunger inside of the chute, that would be ideal, but often, all you need is a wire hanger bent into a hook to fish the plunger out. Check if it needs to be reattached to the chain, and look for obstructions in the chute. If you are reattaching the chain, it might require some adjustments to get it to just the right length to allow cutting off the water flow.

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