buying with
peace of mind.

At North Point Home Inspections LLC, we are dedicated to providing accurate, high quality inspection services. Whether you are buying or selling, it is critical to be informed before making an important decision. We work with you to make those decisions easier and help you to be in a position to know what step to take next.

200% Guarantee

Attend your North Point home inspection and if for any reason at the end of your inspection you’re not satisfied with the quality of the service, I will either make it right or refund your home inspection fee, and I will pay for another home inspector of your choice up to the same inspection fee!


Pleased to Meet You

An extensive background in the construction and inspection industry serves as an invaluable tool in providing the very best inspection services. This background and experience differentiates North Point Home Inspections LLC, with respect to the quality of the entire relationship, from our initial meeting to the delivery of your inspection report. Contact Us today to experience the difference.